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Zara | Amancio Ortega among the richest in the world - startblog

Today, in the hundred and fifty-fifty first post here on the Startblog, the series, Start Tv Company, from the inside out.

(Image/photo/disclosure) Clothing and logo: Zara

As the real-time ranking of Forbes, the founder of the Zara Amancio Ortega already came in first among men more Rico, surpassing the world Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos of Amazon, grossed US $486 million. Join us and explore the history of Zara.

Amancio Ortega with a fortune of $84.7 billion. The position is determined in relation to your participation in Nasdaq. The financial market varies at each moment in the same way that your fortune, too.

Zara turns the latest trend in clothes ready in only three weeks with affordable values. Revolutionized the textile market with releases in varieties of collections every season, instead of the traditional two year Collections. In 2016 were 20 collections released.

Busdongo de Arbas was born in and moved to Galicia to 12 years. Early works to help the House expenses. His father was a railroad and your mother worked with cleaning. To 13 years dropped his studies to devote more to work and to his two brothers.

Amancio decided never to go hungry and dedicated, followed with willpower and dedication. At the age of 14 began a job at Pottery Barn, the 17 operated in the commercial area of La Maja. This time his two brothers worked with him.

(Image/photo/disclosure) Founder: Amancio Ortega

With the focus on your goal, your entrepreneurial career began. In 1963 he opened the GOA, the initials Amancio Ortega Gaona, in reverse order, your own network. There were other partners as the friend José caramel and your wife Rosalía Mera.

The first thing to be manufactured was a pram for babies, but customer demand realized Amancio by robes and initiates the production, in blue and pink, responsible for the beginning of your Empire. Priced on quantity of pieces they intended to sell, innovating with fast delivery and a good cut.

In May 1975, grow your business in the market and open the first ZARA store in the city of a Coruna, Spain. The first suggested name was Zorba as Amancio liked the movie "Zorba the Greek" starring Anthony Quinn. This name was already in use.

Expansion occurs in the quantities made, creating in 1985 the Inditex Group, Textile Design industries. Inditex Group is responsible for other brands such as Massimo Dutti, Pull and Bear, Oysho, Bershka, Stradivarius, Uterque, Kiddy's Class in addition to the Zara Home.

In 1988 expands internationally, currently above 80 countries throughout Europe, the Americas, Asia, the Middle East and Africa. Zara is known for trendy shops, bright and spacious. Offer women's clothing, men's and children following world fashion trends.

The big difference is the tranquility of the environment, where the client feels free, without being pestered by pushy salesmen.

Inditex comes into Nasdaq, known as the largest textile group. Amancio presided over until January 2001, but continues to be the largest shareholder of the company, which has 60%. The charge current is Pablo Isla. They say Amancio continues with the smile on his face for each one and transmitting respect wherever he goes. In April 2002 comes to Milan, fashion capital of the world. Only the North American network GAP and the Swedish H&M directly compete with ZARA these days.

In 2003 the network was born, selling clothes and accessories, extended market. Inaugurating the Zara Home, Houseware, currently over 560 units in 70 countries. Produce more than 450 million items per year. You will also find the Zara Home Kids area with cots, sheets and adornments, clothes, footwear and accessories for the little ones.

In 2012 has invested 20 million euros in Amancio Ortega Foundation, non-profit institution directed to activities based on education and science.

(Image/photo/disclosure) Zara: Panel with store logo

All that know him say is humble and discreet. In his words "my success is to all who collaborate and cooperate with me. No one can be smart, powerful or pretentious enough to build yourself a company of this caliber."

The success and the balcony of entrepreneur Amancio was transform the textile industry in an organic and interconnected. Decades there was a targeted reduction by industry: manufacturing, destruction and sale. He ramped up retail assuming the role of brand, says rock.

Known for your agility in delivery, a 48-hour rule, no product can be delivered beyond this time around the world. The warehouses are highly computerized, has machines with the ability to package and distribut e 80000 pieces.

Zara's designers create around the 3 pieces of clothing per day. A mark "fast fashion" is not limited to copying of the walkways and Yes innovate with sophistication. There are Scouts throughout Italy, France, Japan and the United States, they search for new trends, visit the shops, parades, and most importantly, sit on the streets see more to see what's new and to study the target audience profile.

Go to the website and navigate by brand >>

A skilled and professional man apart from the textile sector devoted to finance, real estate, autos and market investment funds.

Amancio had two sons with Rosalia, Sandra and mark. Sandra Mere is dedicated to Foundation created by her mother, who died in 2013. Currently it is considered the second wealthiest woman of Spain with an estimated amount of $7,1 billion, behind the father. To know the full story, check out the Biography.

In 2016 was elected by Forbes to 53° most valuable brand in the world, worth $10.7 market and there are over 2,100 stores around the world. On day 20 March 2019 Zara fast fashion launches e-commerce in Brazil.

Integrated with 57 shops offering parts sector male, female, children and newborns. Deliveries will be in 12:00 am to shop in the city of São Paulo, Belo Horizonte and Curitiba. With this news the intake of Amancio Ortega Gaona is high.

Until the next post CEO,

CEO | Starttles

Start Tv Company

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