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Trunk Open is a multicultural space with a specific program for the dissemination of artists, telling their stories, valuing the Work and Culture. Below, learn a little more about this Artistic Universe, browse our content and enjoy, valuing each one.

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Colabs | Marcelo Fernandes and its importance to the infantile public

Marcelo Fernandes, children's book writer, educational and social project management, storyteller, philosopher, educator, poet, knowledge of the ODL routine in various courses, engaged in care and improvements to the human being.

Janice Cumerlatto | Talented artist you need to know

In today's show, we bring the biography of an artist who has overcome her own challenges. Knowing himself in his techniques, from strokes to brushstrokes.

Poet Mr. Toninho - poetry Gentle People

In the cries of a Gentle People
The cry of justice arose
For a noble hero to find out;

Buana Lima | Who is this “artist” painter of cheerful colors?

Buana Lima, an artist who has been in the market for 20 years, besides telling her story, brings news to children and teenagers ...

EstimArte - Leader in Art Market Information

Ever wondered if Brazilian artists could get in direct contact with the investor, collector, gallery owners and dealers?